October Board Meeting Minutes

October Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:37pm

October 11th, 2022

Board Members in attendance: Mitchell Rode, Brian Burke, Nate Crandell, Joe Harman, Meghan Ford, Mike Smith

Guests in attendance: Scott Jenkins, Caitlin Brown, Joseph Marabella, Lia Poole, Kaylie Potter, Wyatt Potter, Trae Vickers

Mitch welcomes everyone

First agenda item is to approve September meeting minutes.

Motion to approve by Nate, 2nd by Joe

Motion passes

Treasurer Report

We are foregoing the Treasurer’s Report this month due to the resignation of Betty Phillips. Mitch would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the decades of service to the Royals spent by both Betty and Jim Phillips. Thinks it might be appropriate to acknowledge so on a higher level. Joe would like something more formal, possibly a write up in the Star. Meghan suggests a Phillips Game Night. The board will discuss further in upcoming meetings.

That being said, we need to have a closed-door session as any proceedings may affect the future of the meeting. 

Guests are excused at 6:43pm. Remaining members in the room are Joe Harmon, Mitchell Rode, Mike Smith, Meghan Ford, Brian Burke, and Nate Crandell.

Mitch addresses that we need to elect a new Treasurer. Since it was discussed briefly with the exchange of some emails we will move forward with the nomination of Meghan Ford to that position. Motion made by Nate, 2nd by Joe. Mitch has a proxy vote of yes from JR, motion passes. 

Nate also mentions that he has spoken with Kristin Klutz, her mother-in-law is a CPA and relocating to the area. We will discuss possibility of securing her services. 

Next order of business is to elect someone to the Secretary position. Nate has spoken about this scenario with Kaylie and she would be happy to fill in until at least the next election cycle. Since the position with be in the interim capacity only, any current discussions amongst the Ad Hoc committees’ discussions of any changes are irrelevant. We invite Kaylie in to propose the interim position to her, ask her formally if she is interested in being on the Board and would accept the role. Kaylie agrees that she would be happy to be considered, pending her performance and understanding of the role will consider future re-election. Kaylie steps back out. Motion to nominate Kaylie Potter to the Board until the time of the next election made by Meghan, 2nd by Nate. Motion passes. Motion to elect Kaylie to the role of Interim Secretary made by Nate, 2nd by Joe. Motion passes. 

The checking account needs to have three names on it, the names are currently Missy Roby, Betty Phillips, and Jim Shipp. All three of those names need to be removed. It is discussed that a simple letter will suffice from the Secretary and provided to Bank of Clarke County to make the change. Mitch and Meghan will be at least two of the names, it is suggested that the person in the Vice President role be the third which is currently Nate Crandell. Group agrees. 

Mitch says that he received an email from Jim Shipp, he would like to drop the responsibilities of: handling and processing contracts, sales and meals tax, square, Visa card, Costco account, census report, Presto sports admin, no longer wants to be involved in souvenir ordering or sale. It is briefly discussed that some of these responsibilities should have been processed by other persons already. Group agrees that we need more specific information related to each task and will reallocate them. 

Kaylie Potter returns due to her recent election as Secretary.

Discussion of hiring Brady Hepner as trainer. Meghan questions the length of time spent with each previous team, but it is clarified that is due to the nature of the position. Motion to offer the position of Winchester Royals Trainer for the 2023 season made by Nate. Brief moment to clarify that the contract will include working the camps, pay of $100 per game, $11 per hour for camps and $100 for supplies. Motion brought back to the table, 2nd by Joe. Motion passes. 

7:16pm Guests are welcomed back in

Mitch announces Meghan Ford as Treasurer, nomination and election to the Board and role of Secretary for Kaylie Potter, and the vote to offer the position of trainer to Brady Hepner. 

Ad Hoc Committee Reports:

By-Laws, presentation by Joe Harmon: we are making some good process and hope to have the proposed document in advance of the next meeting. We are hoping to get a Preamble of Vision and Mission Statements approved this evening to make sure our goals are clear and concise for all involved. Certain currently outlined duties are vague, but we want to make sure they are address either in By-Laws or Policies and Procedures. Nate asks how the two documents compare, Joe agrees that is a great question. By-Laws should be hard and fast and we need basics outlined but more depth can be addressed in P&P. It needs to be a three legged stool where everything works together, Mitch echoes this with the idea of a Venn diagram. Joe returns to report, the biggest issue possibly being Article 5, the Financial Report – there will be lots of changes and revision to make sure all things are being addressed. It is clear that not all members of the Board were aware of the current operating procedures and that needs to be highlighted. Joe reads both the proposed Vision and Mission Statements: 

VISION STATEMENT: It is the Vision of the Winchester Royals to be the most popular

sports team in the Winchester, Virginia community and the most successful team in the

Valley Baseball League, in terms of community support and games won.

MISSION STATEMENT: It is the Mission of the Winchester Royals to provide active

collegiate baseball players a memorable and enriching summer league experience that

helps them develop both personally and professionally, and to provide the Winchester,

Virginia and surrounding communities a vibrant, championship-caliber, family-oriented,

hometown sports entertainment product.

Continued group discussion regarding Mission Statements, Vision Statements, Taglines, Mottos and where we want to move forward with this. Joe states that this is just a starting point, Nate says that it is important for the explanation and plan of the Royals to be echoed in these statements. Motion to approve Vision Statement made by Meghan, 2nd by Nate. Joe reads Vision Statement again for clarity. Motion passes. Motion to approve Mission Statement made by Nate, 2nd by Meghan. Joe reads Mission Statement again for clarity. Motion passes. 

Policies & Procedures, presentation by Nate Crandell: Made the current P&P a Word document so it is searchable, committee is working on the definitions of roles. Some roles are very well defined to the point of minutia, where as others are extremely vague. Committee is hoping to have a proposed draft by the next meeting. Mitch suggests that it would be nice to have the duties organized in order of importance. 

Committees, presentation by Brian Burke: Souvenirs are alluded to in several spots, different tasks will be overlapping in multiple committees. Meghan asks Brian about Bill Kerns and what/where his positions lie. He does have certain tasks he performs but usually doesn’t reach out until Spring. Brian asks about the Nominations Committee mentioned in the By-Laws, Joe states that we are looking to have a more streamlined process of potential candidates based on interest in the organization. We discuss the value of Ad Hoc committees versus standing formed groups. Joe asks where Transportation Committee would fall, Nate believes it is under Operations and Mitch states it would go through Finance. 

Coach Mike Smith discusses the 2023 Roster. Some changes are to be expected, but as of right now we have three local players. We don’t want to push too hard yet with the start of school and Fall Ball still going on. Brian says that he, Coach Smith and Scott Jenkins have been having continued open discussion regarding players and recruitment. 

Mitch proposes an Ad Hoc Budget Committee to discuss where we are and what needs to be put together for 2023. Committee will consist of Nate Crandell, Meghan Ford, and Caitlin Brown. Need to obtain previous records and go from there. 

VBL Meeting: Mitch could not attend, Porky said that Mitch should have gotten the minutes however, he did not so there is nothing to report at this time. Scott Jenkins asks if anything was mentioned regarding roster limits. Mitch says he has heard about the finalization of the 12th team, increase in player fees to decrease turnover but not sure of anything official. There is a question from someone in the VBL reaching out regarding a billboard payment, no one seems to know what that is about so some research needs to be done. 

Brian received a resume from a very experienced media intern candidate. Candidate seemed to email blast everyone in the VBL, but Brian was the first to reach out and is impressed with what he has to offer. (I believe the name is MJ Newsome) Discussions continue regarding who would work with whom, how could this person benefit our organization, would Mark Sawyer be involved and okay with this change, etc. Lia Poole is also in attendance and has experience in this area and met with Kaylie and Nate earlier in the day to discuss how she should assist. It seems as if we have several options to help build a media team and more people willing to work together is a good thing. 

Nate would like to make Souvenirs a managed and paid position, similar to Concessions. There is potential for this, but we need to see what the Committee Structures group produces. Meghan voices concerns over financial situation and whether and the feasibility of this position. Creating a viable Finance Budge is paramount to hiring. 

Next meeting to be held November 8th, 2022 in the Henkle Conference Room. 

Motion to adjourn by Nate Crandell, 2nd by Joe. Motion Passes.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm

Respectfully submitted,

Meghan Ford 

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