November Board Meeting Minutes

November Board Meeting Minutes

Winchester Royals Board Meeting Tuesday, November 8, 2022 – 6:30 PM Henkel Hall, Shenandoah University

Board Members in attendance: Mitchell (Mitch) Rode, Brian Burke, Nate Crandell, Kaylie Potter, Mike Smith, Joe Harman, Karen Shipp
Guests in attendance: Scott Jenkins, Lia Poole, Chantal Powell, Joseph Marabella, Michael Brown, Caitlin Brown, JR Burns, Nate Stalvey, Wyatt Potter

Mitch Rode called meeting to order at 6:34 PM and welcomed everyone.

First item on the agenda is to approve the October 2022 meeting minutes. Motion to approve October 2022 minutes by Nate Crandell, 2nd by Joe Harmon, motion passes/ carries.

Treasurer’s Report

No Treasurer report this evening- Treasurer, Meghan Ford is out of town for a family emergency. Meghan is wading through budget and finances, and Nate explains that there’s a lot going on from a financial standpoint and there’s bills coming in that don’t seem to have a place. Meghan also still needs information from the Costco credit card. Mitch acknowledges that Meghan has been working diligently to create a budget to move forward.

Old Business

Updates from the Ad Hoc Committees:

By-laws Committee- Joe Harman first thanks the committee for their efforts and continues to mention proposed changes in By-laws to make sure everyone is on board, as well as welcome discussion and debate.

Mitch opens the floor for discussion/comments on the proposed By-laws.

  • Mitch notes that Article 2 Section 2 (Nominations and Elections of Directors) createsan extra step in the process as well as limits the decision for a favorable recommendation with a committee of 3-4 people reviewing applications rather than the whole Board.

  • Mitch mentions Article 2 Section 3.2 (Term Limits of Directors) and explains his opposition to term limits, as he does not feel they are a good idea due to a struggle in finding willful volunteers. Nate Crandell reminds that former Board Members can still be involved with the organization following their term even though they’re not on the Board and also states that there’s never new people coming on the Board if there’s not term limits. Mitch explains he’s thinking in practicality and feels there needs to be a discussion as to how we’re going to handle what terms will be from January- November and make clear how that will proceed. Joe notes that if we’re going to accept these limits, they need to take place at a certain time. Karen questions if elections can take place in November for positions to take effect on January 1st of the following year, and Nate Crandell feels that this will defeat the purpose of having an earlier vote because the point of that was to allow newly-elected officers to begin their duties ahead of time. Nate Stalvey agrees with electing officers in November and those positions taking effect January 1st of the following year initially in order for the cycle to begin. Mitch points out that we don’t have a December meeting anyway, nor does the Valley Baseball League, so there’s something to be said for elections to take place in October to get the ball rolling for January of the following year.

  • Karen mentions in regards to Article 6 Section 1 (Financial Planning and Reporting) that budget approval in November might change things for fiscal year and questions if everything will be ready for a budget to be created in October. Nate Crandell questions what is being waited on in October – Karen says invoices. Nate Crandell notes that we haven’t really had a budget previously and Nate Stalvey suggests that Meghan can speak on this further. Mitch explains that league contracts are proposed annually & are discussed/approved in September/October. Joe adds that changes will take a couple years to adjust and we can make changes if we feel there needs to be a shift – Mitch feels November makes sense for Budget approval.

  • Mitch notes an issue with Article 9 (Amendments) is narrowing down acceptance of voting on a proposed amendment to a small group of people as opposed to the whole Board and the Board as a whole might disagree with who’s been selected by the committee. He worked on the previous By-laws and acknowledges everyone has done hard work on these.

  • Karen notes Article 6 Section 2 (Financial Planning and Reporting) and questions the previous disbursement number approved – Nate Crandell and Karen agree that it was less than $2,500 as noted in proposed By-laws & Mitch recalls $500 as the amount needing Board approval previously. Joe asks Caitlyn what the highest amount spent on concession items was – Caitlyn answers $1,000 for 4th of July. Joe and Nate Stalvey don’t want to limit but also didn’t know the right number and Karen feels that a $2,500 limit could hurt the budget. Frequency of needing $2,500 is questioned as well as what types of payments (check, card, etc.) fall under “disbursements”, efficiency of needing Board approval. Nate Stalvey suggests amending the wording to show that any expense in excess of $2,500 that has not been approved in the current year’s budget needs Board approval and all seem to agree that this wording encompasses all aspects. Mitch suggests having any expense over $1,000 outside of the budget needing approval. Joe appreciates feedback and Mitch invites further questions, comments, etc.

  • Karen warns to be careful regarding vacancies due to term limits and not having enough people on the Board when terms are up. Discussion included a thought that the potential Nominations Committee would support in filling vacancies, the worry that there will be trouble filling the Treasurer position, and the reinforcement that the reason for committees is so vetted committee members can step into roles if needed and these clauses force a situation where mote than one person knows how to do things. Mitch agrees that there as been difficulty in the past with people participating on the Board and does not want to place barriers, worrying that term limits will cause a negative impact over time. Chantal shared that she’s tried to be more active with the Board since 2017, but did not feel that her thoughts and opinions were not being considered or accepted and removed herself as a result of this, but feels that the future can be completely different than what the history has been.

  • Mitch mentions in respect to Budget, there should be something with an effective date and also asks for final By-laws to be brought to January 2023 meeting.

    Karen motions to advise Nominations Committee to strike Term Limits for Directors. Motion fails for lack of a second.

    Mitch thanks the Bylaws Committee for their hard work.

    Policies and Procedures Committee: Nate Crandell shares the thought that By-laws are a foundation and everything builds off of that such as Policies and Procedures, then reviews all amendments made to the existing Policies and Procedures that were approved by the Board in 2019. Nate Crandell mentions during Section 4 (Employment) that Caitlyn is working on a concession-specific Employee Handbook and notes that there is probably more necessary items to add to the lists of responsibilities in Section 5 (General Manager/Coaching/Athletic Trainer) for these positions. In regards to Section 6 (Business), Nate Crandell states that he thinks Concessions and Souvenirs should mirror each other – both should run as a business with paid employees flowing through the two spaces. Nate Crandell welcomes suggestions of items to be added to Section 8 (Volunteers) and credits Nate Stalvey for taking charge of Section 9 (Interns) and breaking this section down thoroughly.

  • Mitch thanks the Policies and Procedures Committee and invites comments/ suggestions/etc.

  • Caitlyn questions where Post-Game Meals fall – Nate answers with Game Day Operations (Section 3. Committees – Operations). Discussion includes Host Families providing meals, feeding volunteers, selecting someone to schedule Post- Game Meals sooner than later, and continuation of using a Post-Game Meal sign- up sheet.

  • Joe and Nate Crandell discuss whether Media should become a separate committee or be part of the Marketing and Branding Committee (Section 3. Committees). Joe feels there needs to be a Director of Media in addition to Marketing & Branding as well as more coverage of our games. Brian explains more coverage will not happen, as Coach Smith spoke with the Winchester Star and coverage ends at 6:00 PM, however the Winchester Star will do Pre-Season and Athlete Spotlights. Mitch suggests that Media stays under Marketing and Branding but as a bigger bullet point with the potential to evolve into it’s own committee. Nate Crandell feels it is important to focus on what we have currently, such as social media, before stations and Nate Stalvey adds that Marketing and Branding could become a catalyst for Media. Nate Stalvey and Nate Crandell agree that community engagement is an important focus and share examples (“Summer Catch” beer by Winchester Brew Works, Library Days, Apple Blossom). Joe feels importance in having an organizational chart that establishes the chain of command and Nate Crandell says that can be added to the Employee Handbook.

  • Joe asks where to find Transportation, Nate Crandell apologizes for missing this topic and will add it in.

  • JR asks where Camps will go. Nate Crandell asks for suggestions and Joe suggests Section 6 (Business). Mitch reminds that Coach Smith chooses players to work camps, so they should go under “Head Coach” in Section 5 (General Manager/Coaching/Athletic Trainer) and anyone working camps should be following the Employee Handbook. Discussion followed as to who will be responsible for Camp Sign-Ups, collecting money, etc. and the method for these things. Chantal and Mitch agree that Finance (Section 3. Committees) should be in charge of camps (sign-up, money, etc.) – Mitch asks to add “Camps” after “Concessions” and “Souvenirs” in Section 6 (Business) and suggests “organize and run camps” to be added under “Head Coach” in Section 5 (General Manager/Coaching/Athletic Trainer).

    Nominations Committee: Mitch proposes making the Head of the Nominations Committee be the At-Large Member of the Executive Committee as a way to blend the By-laws with Policies and Procedures. Joe is opposed and there is question if this member would then have too much power/control. Nate Stalvey suggests that the Nomination Committee presents all applicants to the Board and provides their recommendations. Mitch reads aloud the verbiage to be used and Nate Crandell will add this to his list of amendments for Policies and Procedures. By-laws, Policies and Procedures, and Committee Structure is to be voted on in January.

Scott, as a parent of a Royals player, asks about a Parents’ Weekend perhaps the same weekend as the Host Family Picnic. Discussion followed as to how this can happen logistically – several agree that an all-encompassing Host Family & Family Picnic Weekend would be great and Chantal shares the reminder to choose a date as soon as possible.

Coach Update

No major report this evening

President Update

Mitch attended the October 2022 League meeting and received the 2023 schedule presented there – a 43 game schedule with multiple divisions and subdivisions. He shares flaws with the schedule, disagreements within the League, update on number of Umpires per game, and the decision that Beckley was denied from joining the League. The League did not participate in the Showcase last year, but will be this year. Player Fees will be remaining the same for the 2023 season, but will be increasing to $500 for the 2024 season. We are to inform our players and visiting teams that steel spikes are NOT to be worn on Kevin Anderson field.

Mitch welcomes other updates, questions, concerns, etc. Karen shares that Jim Phillips has a few days remaining before passing on and he’s still talking about the Royals. She also shares that she and Jim Shipp will be leaving the Board. Karen made a list of what she’s done and her responsibilities (Jim Shipp has done the same and already shared his list with Mitch). Karen brought a tote with a variety of souvenir items in it and Nate Crandell offers to take it because he’s received his key to the stadium. Mitch thanks Karen for her and Jim’s time and notes that we are sad to see them go. Nate Crandell met with Meghan Ford and saw a Wix bill for $2.99/ month. He shares that he would like to see a redesign of the website and knows a hosting site ($2.49/month and will not increase over the next for years), along with a friend (Kevin Frey) that would be happy to help with this at no charge. Mitch clarifies pricing and states needing to find out from Evelyn Pine what our obligation to Wix is. Nate Crandell says he will take care of the communication with Evelyn.

Brian Burke shares that someone who was potentially interested in helping with play-by-play and media relations as chosen another team to work with. Michael Campbell, who played in 2003, had suggested putting together a 20 year reunion for that championship team – Brian is willing to take the lead on this if the Board approves. Wyatt Potter shares that an Assistant Coach at Shenandoah University is willing to operate the trackman system and run video at home games for $150/game. The trackman system can send reports on athletes back to their coaches at their schools. Mitch feels that Brian’s idea is worth exploring and Wyatt for an email contact so he can present his topic to the Board. Mitch also mentions that he’ll need to confirm with Shenandoah University about utilizing their system.

Meeting adjourned by Mitch Rode (President) at 9:11 PM.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 (second Tuesday of the month) in Henkel Hall.

Respectfully Revised and Submitted, Kaylie Potter

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