Kevin Anderson Field at Bridgeforth Stadium

Photo Credit: Joel Yocca of Absolute Altitude

Kevin Anderson Field

The Winchester Royals had called Bridgeforth Field home for over 40 years and saw all of our Pennants and Championships. In September of 2022 the field was renamed after Valley Baseball Hall of Fame member Kevin Anderson, who won a Championship with the Royals in 2004. The renaming came after 2 years of Shenandoah University had assumed maintenance control from Winchester City Parks, which has seen SU add a turf field, new dug outs, batting cages, and bullpens. 

Bridgeforth Stadium- Winchester, VA

With Bridgeforth Field being renamed a way to continue honoring the Bridgeforth Family, who has shown so much support to the area, was in order. The stadium in which Kevin Anderson Field lives was officially given a name, Bridgeforth Stadium. Shenandoah has worked and spent considerable resources to improve the field and surrounding stadium, and we can not wait to see what the future has in store.

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