January Board Meeting Minutes

January Board Meeting Minutes

Winchester Royals Board Meeting Tuesday, January 10, 2023 – 6:30 PM Henkel Hall, Shenandoah University

Board Members in Attendance: Nate Crandell, Meghan Ford, Kaylie Riggleman, Joe Harman, Mitch Rode
Guests in Attendance: Scott Jenkins, Chantal Aeschbach Powell, Joseph Powell, Caitlyn Brown, Wyatt Potter, Kristin Klutz

Mitch Rode communicated that he was running a little late – called meeting to order at 6:42 PM and welcomed everyone.

First item on the Agenda is to review November Meeting Minutes. Mitch asks for questions, comments, concerns – Joe Harman requests for “Harmon” to be changed to “Harman” – Kaylie will correct the minutes and resend. Nate Crandell motions to accept minutes, Joe seconds, motion carries.

Treasurer’s Report

Meghan Ford notes that she is still working through 2022 documents and prior years. She reviews the Treasurer’s Report she shared via email prior to the Board Meeting – there are no pending deposits, but she reminds that the outstanding payment of $2,952.02 will hit the account at some point. We need a different account manager for the bank accounts – discussion regarding how to switch that position from Jim Shipp pursues.

Meghan mentions that we need to figure out who handles the Business License renewal paperwork and Joe suggests the Secretary. Questions of who has/had it and how does it get transferred arises, and several note that we may need a team of people to help find and compile these documents.

Nate talking to Hannah Stewart with Top of Virginia Regional Chamber to figure out the process of renewing the Winchester Royals membership with the Chamber of Commerce.

Mitch shares 2 prohibitions needing attention – sunflower seeds and pitchers & catchers wearing molded cleats. We need to send out a notice to teams, visitors, etc. of Kevin Anderson Field and Bridgeforth stadium with outlined penalties prior to season.

Mitch agreed with Charlottesville Coach to have one trip with a double header rather than having multiple trips for the Winchester Royals to play the Charlottesville Tomsox.

Mitch asks for other questions, etc.

Joe questions number of various subscriptions noted in the Finance Report shared by Meghan – Meghan is not sure, but welcomes any information anyone may have. She is also working on an organized spreadsheet of expenses, dues, etc. Mitch acknowledges that the financial aspect is still a work in progress and understands it’s a tall task – he applauds Meghan and takes from her Finance Report that we need to start on fundraising ASAP.

Nate motions to approve Treasurer’s Report, Joe seconds, motion carries.


Mitch shares that Mike Smith and Brian Burke could not be here tonight, but are interested in retaining their current positions on the Board of Directors. JR Burns sent his resignation from the Board of Directors to Mitch. 7 Board Members are in attendance and Mitch has 3 names that are interested in positions – Trae Vickers, Rob Sikora, and Nathan Stalvey. Mitch and Meghan are the only Board Members whose terms do not end until 2024. Mike, Brian, Nate, Kaylie, Joe, Nathan, Rob, Trae, Chantal, Scott are up for nomination.

Nate nominates Chantal for a Board position.

Mitch entertains a motion to include a slate that has everyone whose term is up this year and those that have been nominated.

Meghan nominates Joseph Powell for a Board position and Nate seconds. Mitch excuses non-Board Members from the Conference Room.

Mitch welcomes comments and Board Members in attendance voice their opinions as to whether the nominated parties should be voted onto the Board of Directors or not.

Board Members in attendance consider placing 5 of us on the Board of Directors (Mike, Brian, Nate, Kaylie, Joe) and 2 nominated candidates (Nathan and Chantal) on a slate for 2 year terms, and then placing the remaining candidates (Rob, Trae, Scott, and

Joseph) on a slate for a one year term to create a slate of 7 Board Members for the 2025 Class (Brian, Mike, Nate, Kaylie, Joe, Chantal, Nathan) and a slate of 6 Board Members for the 2024 (Mitch, Megan, Rob, Trae, Scott, Joseph) for a total of 13 Board Members for the 2023 season.

Joe moves to elect Trae Vickers to a one year term as a member of the Board of Director for the Winchetser Royals, Meghan seconds and motion passes.

Joe moves to elect Joseph Powell, Rob Sikora, and Scott Jenkins to a one year term as a member of the Board of Director for the Winchetser Royals, Nate seconds and motion passes.

Nate moves to elect Nate Crandell, Kaylie Potter, Joe Harman, Mike Smith, Brian Burke, Chantal Aechbach Powell, and Nathan Stalvey to a two year term as members of the Board of Director for the Winchetser Royals, Meghan seconds and motion passes.

Joe welcomes non-Board Members back into the Conference Room.

Mitch explains the Board of Director’s process for voting – slicing & dicing candidates between one and two year terms to balance things out, as well as where we placed each candidate for these terms.

One-Year Term Board Member Candidates

Rob Sikora Scott Jenkins Trae Vickers Joseph Powell

Two-Year Term Board Member Candidates

Nathan Stalvey
Chantal Aeschbach Powell Kaylie Potter
Nate Crandell
Joe Harman
Mike Smith
Brian Burke


Nate nominates Mitch Rode for President, Joe seconds, motion carries. Meghan moves to close nominations for President. Mitch calls for election by acclamation to which all are in favor. Mitch accepts and affirms his position.

Meghan nominates Nate Crandell for Vice President, Kaylie seconds, motion carries. Mitch calls for any further nominations. Nate moves to close nominations for Vice President. All in favor by election of acclamation, Nate accepts and affirms his position.

Nate nominates Kaylie Potter for Secretary, Meghan seconds, motion carries. All in favor by election of acclamation, Kaylie accepts and affirms her position.

Nate nominates Meghan Ford for Treasurer, Joe seconds, motion carries.
All in favor by election of acclamation, Meghan accepts and affirms her position.

Meghan nominates Joe Harman for At-Large Member, Kaylie seconds, motion carries. Meghan moves to close nominations for At-Large Member. All in favor by election of acclamation. Joe accepts and affirms his position.

Elections Conclude.

2024 Class

Mitchell Rode, President Meghan Ford, Vice President Scott Jenkins
Joesph Powell
Rob Sikora
Trae Vickers

2025 Class

Nate Crandell, Vice President Kaylie Potter, Secretary
Joe Harman, Member At-Large Brian Burke

Chantal Aeschbach Powell Mike Smith
Nathan Stalvey

Old Business

Ad Hoc Committees:
Joe explains there are no significant changes in By-laws and the By-laws Committee plans to be back in February with revised draft of By-laws.

Nate shares that Policies & Procedures will probably meet next week and with Joe to make sure the By-laws and Policies & Procedures Committees are on the same page.

Nate shared Committee Structure on behalf of Brian and this document is probably the closest to being ready.

Mitch wants to start progressing on sponsorships and fundraising, and asks for volunteers for those committees. Nate would like to help with these committees – he also shares parking lot fence sign layout and reviews. Chantal shares that she’s worked with T-shirt zone previously that could be of assistance, and Nate wants to work with Hannah Stewart with the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber to have banner spots filled in exchange for sponsorship. Mitch suggests reaching out to those who’ve historically held spots on the outfield fence first – it is agreed that previous sponsors will be alerted of sponsorship opportunities before contacting others.

Joe questions where his relationship with the Winchester Royals over the last two years with selling sponsorships stands and would like to know before moving forward. Chantal’s personal opinion is that services to the Winchester Royals organization should be volunteered. Discussion pursued as to whether sponsorship should be more of a committee structure or if we should remain with having one person handle the whole of sponsorships, including the pros and cons of both options. Kaylie asks for Joe’s thoughts as the member that’s been in the position and Joe shares. Mitch entertains a motion for one or the other – to form a Sponsorship Committee or have Joe continue his position.

Nate makes a motion to go forth with a Sponsorship Committee and terminate the previous sponsorship commission agreement, Chantal seconds, motion carries. Nate, Kaylie, Chantal, and Kristin volunteer to form the Sponsorship Committee with Scott and Meghan willing to help where and when they can. Mitch appoints Chantal as Chairperson of Sponsorship Committee.

Mitch suggests that the average price per game sponsorship needs to increase, as we lost money on high attendance nights that were free admission in previous years. Last year, the game sponsorships were as follows:

Current Game Sponsorship Pricing

Mitch proposes increasing sponsorship prices by 20-25%, making a Weeknight Game Sponsorship $1,200, a Weeknight Game Sponsorship $1,800, and a Two Weeknight Games Sponsorship $1,500. The Board arrives at the following prices so the Sponsorship Committee can utilize them, and Mitch entertains a motion to accept.

Proposed Game Sponsorship Pricing

Nate motions to accept the proposed increased prices of Game Sponsorships (see Proposed Game Sponsorship Pricing above), Meghan seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Meghan motions that the Sponsorship Committee is authorized to utilize price structure formed by Nate with the caveat that they approach previous sign sponsors first, Nate seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Remaining committee items are tabled.

Chantal proposes forming a packet for Host Families since the roster is filling and Nate proposes forming a Housing Committee to move forward with.

Joe motions to form a Housing Committee with Trae Vickers as Housing Coordinator – discussion follows with the question of whether Trae may be willing or opposed. Chantal and Kristin volunteer for Housing Committee and form it tonight – Mitch will contact Trae about his thoughts on involvement.

Weekend Game Sponsorship


Weeknight Game Sponsorship


Two Weeknight Games Sponsorship


Weekend Game Sponsorship


Weeknight Game Sponsorship


Two Weeknight Games Sponsorship


Meghan and Nate cleaned the storage shed – they found a lot of souvenir inventory not needed and took inventory of souvenirs.

Sponsorship and Housing have been addressed, and Mitch suggests tabling other topics until next meeting.

Coach Update

Mike not here, but Scott shares that we have 38 contracts and 24 Division 1 players. Mike takes care of Twitter, but we want to get other platforms going too. Scott is in touch with the school coaches of players coming this summer.

New Business

Wyatt presented the idea that the Winchester Royals partner with Shenandoah Valley Baseball Ranch (SVBR) to have access to their facility and weight room for development. There’s opportunity for players to specifically work with Wyatt, his business partner Darrell Thompson, or on their own. SVBR would charge $750 total for all players all summer. Players will have access to the facility Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3-9PM and on Sunday 11 AM-5 PM. Wyatt is also willing to open the facility earlier on those days if players would like to go at an earlier time. Wyatt also suggests keeping a relationship with Warrior Fitness for players to have access to a full gym 24/7 – we will vote on this next meeting.

Joe recommends getting started on a Transportation Ad Hoc Committee. Mitch asks for volunteers for Transportation Committee – Joe and Joseph volunteer, and Joe is appointed as Chairperson.

Mitch would like to plan special recognition days for Jim & Betty Phillips and Jim & Karen Shipp toward the beginning of season.

President Update

The 2023 schedule has been updated again – there will be 44 games, all teams will play each team 4 times and there will be no divisions. Mitch fought to keep the July 3rd game at home. Mitch reviews schedule – it was a nightmare process to finalize but it’s complete and Mitch will get everyone a final copy.

Scott questions employment for players. Mitch shares that this usually falls under Housing and Nate suggests that we talk to the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber about summer job opportunities for players.

The next Valley Baseball League meeting is January 19, 2023 – Mitch reminds all in attendance to let him know if there’s anything anyone wants him to bring up between now and then.

Nate provides updates on the Winchester Royals website – he hopes to have the site live shortly. We will have the ability to sell sponsorships on the website and add in addresses for all ball parks/venues. Users will have the ability to subscribe to the schedule online and subscribers will receive schedule changes. Nate will email Board Members that he needs headshots & bios from to add to the website. He also needs info on the new Athletic Trainer.

Meeting adjourned by Mitch Rode (President) at 8:49 PM.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 (second Tuesday of the month) in Henkel Hall.

Respectfully Submitted, Kaylie Potter

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