Host Families

Hosting A Player:

One of the most integral parts of the Royals organization is our host family network. Every year amazing young men come from across the country and sometimes the world to join us for 10 weeks each summer (late May through the end of July). Our host families provide them a family environment and safe place to stay as they spend their summer continuing to play the game they love, baseball. The relationships between players and host families in our community have an impact that lasts a lifetime. If you have the room and resources to host a player for our upcoming season, please click here to fill out the Host Family Form and a Housing Committee Member will reach out. Want to learn more about hosting, check out the Host Family FAQ below.

Host Family FAQ

What is the host family expected to provide the player?

Host families are asked to provide the player with a private room, access to a bathroom, laundry room and some shelf space in a pantry and fridge. Although meals are not required, most players appreciate being asked to join in during mealtimes. The most important thing is a family to cheer them on as they play the game they love.

Will players have their own transportation?

Most players have their own cars. Players that do not have their own transportation, will be placed with host families closer to teammates who do have cars, so they can carpool. We do not expect host families to provide transportation or a vehicle.

We would love to host a player but have a summer vacation planned for June. How is this handled?

We prefer not to have to move players once they are settled in for the summer but understand that families may have summer plans. If you are uncomfortable leaving the player in your home alone, we will do our best to find accommodations for your player during that time.

What happens should there be a problem with player placement?

Royals players arrive to Winchester and appreciate the hospitality show to them by their host families. If there are minor problems that arise, we ask that you contact the host family coordinator(s) first to find a resolution. If the problem is a major one, the player will be removed immediately. 

My son/daughter plays ball, it would be great if our player can help with their skills, is this possible?

Each host family setting is unique, your host player and children may form a relationship where such help is possible. But we ask that you please keep in mind that the players are extremely busy, whether it be practice, games or some may seek employment. Free time may be limited, and we ask for your understanding.