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Join the Winchester Royals and be part of an exciting employment opportunity in the world of concessions and souvenirs!

As the Concessions Manager, you’ll be at the helm of a dynamic team, overseeing the operation of our concession stands during thrilling baseball games. Your role will involve managing inventory, coordinating staff schedules, ensuring food safety standards, and delivering exceptional customer service. With your leadership skills and passion for creating memorable experiences, you’ll contribute to the vibrant atmosphere that keeps our fans coming back for more.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced and energetic role, consider joining our Concession Staff. As a member of this team, you’ll work directly with fans, taking orders, preparing delicious food and beverages, and ensuring efficient service. Your friendly demeanor and dedication to providing exceptional service will contribute to the overall fan experience, making each visit to the Winchester Royals’ games unforgettable.

For those interested in the world of merchandise and souvenirs, the position of Souvenirs Manager is an excellent fit. As the Souvenirs Manager, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the inventory, display, and sales of team merchandise. You’ll work closely with branding and marketing, manage staff, and implement strategies to maximize sales and customer satisfaction. With your attention to detail and passion for sports memorabilia, you’ll play a pivotal role in creating a vibrant and engaging shopping experience for fans.

If you have a love for sports and an eye for detail, consider joining our Souvenirs Staff. In this role, you’ll assist customers in finding the perfect team merchandise, operate checkout, and maintain a clean and organized retail space. Your enthusiasm for sports and dedication to excellent customer service will contribute to the overall success of our merchandise operation.

At the Winchester Royals, we value teamwork, professionalism, and a passion for delivering exceptional experiences to our fans. Join our dedicated staff and be part of an exciting environment where your skills and enthusiasm can shine. Whether you’re interested in concessions or souvenirs, there’s a place for you to thrive in our organization.

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